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Windows Recovery Enviroment Exploit

Assume you need to remove the quotes unless otherwise specified. Also, press the enter key when you are done typing a command. This tutorial is for educational purposes only. This exploit can be used to access administrator command prompt from which you can edit the registry, remove programs, and more.

Booting Into Windows Recovery Environment
1. First save all documents and close out of all unecessary applications. Then unplug all other devices like thumbdrives or a phone from the computer.
2. Hold down the power button until the screen goes black, this will usually take around five to twenty seconds.
3. Then press the power button again so that your computer turns back on, the moment you see the windows logo or the loading animation press and hold the power button again until the screen goes black.
4. Repeat steps two and three until you see white text saying something like "Diagnosing your PC" when you turn your computer on.

Clicking Stuff
1. Click on the troubleshoot button
2. Click on the advanced options button
3. Click on the command prompt button. If it asks for a password then you will need to go back to step one for it to work.

Example: Disabling Sophos Anti-Virus
1a. You will need to find the directory of the windows installation. In Windows RE it is most commonly found under "C:\" or "D:\".
1b. Type "C:", then type "cd Users". If you see your username, ex: "fir.las3081", then you are in the right directory. Otherwise repeat the step but instead of "C" use the next letter in the alphabet.
1c. Once you have completed step 1b correctly type "cd ..".
2a. For disabling Sophos (which blocks various games and apps from running) follow steps 2a through 2g.
2b. Type "cd 'program files'" but replace ' with " when you are typing it.
2c. Type "rmdir /s /q Sophos" and then type "cd ..".
2d. Type "cd 'program files (x86)'" but replace ' with " when you are typing it. Then do step 2c again.
2e. Type "cd 'program data'" again, replace ' with " when you type it. Then do what step 2c instructs.
2f. Congratulations, you have now disabled Sophos Anti-Virus.