Olim One Studios - Other Stuff

This page is for all the other stuff that doesn't fit in any of the other tabs. This can include anything from stuff I have made to other interesting things.


Pi Calculator - A Python script I made that calculates pi with increasing accuracy every iteration. It has been able to calculate 24 digits of pi correctly within an hour, it has not been tested further.

Auto Clicker - An autoclicker made with python, the default key to toggle clicking is the "`" key.

Fibonacci Numbers Generator - A Python 3.7 script I made that calculates the Fibonacci Sequence.

Multiplicative Persistence Tester - A script that checks the multiplicative persistence of a number.


Minecraft Stuff - Official Minecraft server details and modpack download.

Background Changer - A program that changes the background on a school or work restricted computer.

Checkerpiece Model - A CAD model I made of a checkerpiece in 9th grade.

Fibonacci Sequence - A zipped text file containing the first 61579 numbers of the Fibonacci Sequence.

Text To Speech - A visual basic script program that turns entered text to robotic speech.

Rude Magic 8 Ball - A rude magic 8 ball made in visual basic script.

Fake Hack - A Rubber Ducky script I made that opens up notepad and types "you dun been hackd boi".

Olim One Studios website opener - A Rubber Ducky script that opens up this website.